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Competences of the Pedagogical Institute Zenica

The Pedagogical Institute is an administrative organization within the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Zenica – Doboj Canton.

The Pedagogical Institute Zenica performs administrative, expert, analytical and other tasks as provided for under the law, and, in particular, the tasks relating to:

  • determining proposals of the concept of educational institutions, curricula, pedagogical standards, equipment standards, teaching material and teaching appliances for preschool institutions, special, primary, secondary schools and students’ residences, adopted by the Ministry;
  • implementation of expert supervision of educational institutions’ work organization in delivering classes and other forms of organized work of teachers, preschool teachers, expert associates and principals;
  • adoption of professional development programmes and provision of professional assistance in the form of advisory-instructional activities and publishing activities; determining proposals of enrolment plan, criteria and benchmarks for the 1st grade of secondary school;
  • monitoring and evaluation of curricula, textbooks and manuals, pedagogical standards and norms;
  • organization of a single educational information system in the area of ​​the Canton; informative and analytical activities – creation of information, reports and analyses for the needs of the Ministry and other institutions;
  • publication of professional publications.